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One cannot but agree that the field of sports is wide-ranging and there are numerous opportunities available within this area. Let’s look at few of these options:

1) Sportsperson:  This person is the highlight of their sport as this is the one playing in the field working towards victory by themselves or with a team depending on the kind of sport. One needs to have extreme passion towards the game and thoroughly enjoy it for them to be a top notch sportsperson.

2) Coach: Apart from being a player in the team, the next big thing to this is the coach so as to train the entire team and realize their potential in the best way possible. It is also important for the coach to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the team members and help them to work in coherence with each other.

The ‘how’ to become a coach is relatively simple as it requires the candidate to have expert knowledge of the game and prior experience is an added advantage, he then proceeds by applying for the position available in the sport.

3) Team Manager: A lot of people want to enter this field but not necessarily as a player or a trainer. The alternative for them is to use their management skills and become a team manager. A team manager looks after the business related matters of the team they are looking after. They manage the travel plans of the teams or players to different cities. They also take care of the finance and book various tournaments that the team will be playing during the season.

4) Umpire / Referee: One does not have to be a player to be on the ground; one can also choose to be an umpire or referee. An umpire or the referee is the one regulating and executing the rules of the game while the watch is on and his decision is considered to be sacrosanct. Every sport has its board sets guidelines for a registered umpire/referee.

5) Sports Journalist: This career option is for one who has a flair for writing or journalism and at the same time has an intense liking for sports. He has to develop a niche for himself in the sports world and manage all the reporting in this field. They must be able to convey factual information, but also put a slant on things that make their content unique.

6) Sports Psychology: Sports Psychologists’ jobs may vary on a daily basis, depending on clients’ needs. Working as a professional sports psychologist you may encounter the following job duties:

  • Volunteering or workings as a sports coach to best understand the athletes’ experiences and the environment.
  • Researching individual and group sports and exercise experiences.
  • Motivating clients to continue exercise and physical activities.
  • Counselling athletes

7) Sports equipment supplier: One can also enter into the industry by opening his own business by supplying or manufacture sports equipment that is wanted by different teams / clubs etc. and set up showrooms so as to open their doors to non-players as well.

8) Law: One can graduate in law and then enter the field of sports by introducing the board of different games in the nation by fulfilling the individual qualifications and develop laws and policies related to various sports.