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About Youth Development

Understanding youth development and the factors contributing to the healthy development of all young people is critical to the design and implementation of community programs for youth.

Consequently, we began our work by identifying a set of personal and social assets that increase the healthy development and well-being of adolescents and facilitate a successful transition from childhood through adolescence and into adulthood. We grouped these assets into four broad developmental domains: physical, intellectual, psychological and emotional and social developments that facilitate positive youth development which are as follows:

1) Physical development

  • Good health habits
  • Good health risk management skills

2) Intellectual development

  • Knowledge of essential life skills
  • Knowledge of essential vocational skills
  • Rational habits of mind—critical thinking and reasoning skills
  • In-depth knowledge of more than one culture
  • Good decision-making skills
  • Knowledge of skills needed to navigate through multiple cultural contexts.

3) Psychological and emotional development

  • Good mental health including positive self-regard
  • Good emotional self-regulation skills